UC Hastings Pilipino American Law Society (PALS)

Congratulations to our 2008 Grads!!! by id4960993.sexyadj.website
June 26, 2008, 5:53 am
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Our graduates from left to right and their respective PALS award:

Desiree Almendral – Best 101% Filipino Role Model for Balancing Work, Family and Community Service
Tamina Alon – I’d Rather Settle Than Face Her in Court Award
Christine Dacumos – Ultimate PALS Member
Lisl Duncan – Most Likely to Save The World, One Smile at a Time
Shayenne Gamboa – Most Likely to Become Donald Trump’s Apprentice
Jerico Lavarias – Most Stylish Future Litigator
Dia Montecillo – Funnest Future Public Defender to be Around
Norey Navarro – Most Likely to be Host of Citizen Pinay, HOLLA!

In my first day of law school, I was asked to introduce myself and say why I wanted to go to law school. I said because I can’t sing, dance, or act, and math is hard. That and to meet a wife. (I actually did say that, jokingly of course!) I brought this up because as Filipino’s we have a reputation for being great performers. Sometimes, though, I feel that this has overshadowed our other accomplishments as a people. That there are Filipinos out there who strive to be something more professionally or academically. Filipinos, who are aware of the injustices facing our country back home, and our country in America. Filipinos, who volunteer at veterans equity centers and provide legal services to countrymen who fought so valiantly for this country. Filipinos, who not only are aware of the social injustices in our community, but Filipinos, who advocate for the poor and homeless in the Tenderloin. Filipinos who realize that we are not alone as minorities, but that we must look out for other underrepresented people as a whole. Ladies and gentlemen, these are those people. These are the people who not only took on rigorous workloads, while trying to find jobs or working at jobs, helping out in the community, joining student organizations, and still spending time with their loved ones at home. I could not be more proud or more confident in each one of them for all they have accomplished. These, people are our hope. These are our future leaders of the community. Not only that, there pretty good singers, dancers, and actors (at least in the courtroom) as well. 🙂

-Paul Rivera

[More pics]


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Congrats 3LS on making it out of law school!! We hope to still see you at future PALS events. Thanks for being such great mentors to us this past year. PS Paul very eloquently written speech. I’ll hire you when I get my Nobel.


Comment by Yasmin

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