UC Hastings Pilipino American Law Society (PALS)

FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH: Legal Clinic Volunteer Opportunity by uchastingspals

Hello PALS

Celebrate Filipino American History Month and support a worthy cause! PALS is helping to recruit volunteers for the SF Veterans Equity Center’s Legal Clinic on Friday 10/15, 2-5pm. Please contact our very own PALS president Mari Bandoma if interested: bandomam@uchastings.edu. All volunteers are needed and welcome; knowledge of Tagalog is NOT required. Lunch will be provided to all of our awesome volunteers!

Filipino veterans made the same sacrifices and took the same risks during WWII as US servicemen. The U.S. military promised full veterans benefits to the Filipinos who volunteered and over 250,000 did so. As President Truman himself said: “Their assignment was as bloody and difficult as any in which our American soldiers engaged. Under desperate circumstances they acquitted themselves nobly.”

But since the war our heroes have been virtually ignored by the US government. The promise of full benefits were dashed by the 1946 Rescission Act. For the last 60 years these veterans have been denied the pensions and medical benefits they rightfully earned, and many have lived and died at or below the poverty line.

Now only about 15,000 veterans remain, and Congress is making some forward progress through an amendment to the 2009 Stimulus bill that gives each surviving Filipino veteran a lump sum payment of $15,000. Getting access to these funds, and gaining assistance with other legal matters is still a tremendous concern for FilAm veterans however. The San Francisco Veterans Equity Center honors the valuable contribution of Filipino American WWII Veterans to freedom and democracy by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services and advocates for justice and equity.  Please come out to support this great cause!



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