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PALS slide show! by uchastingspals
January 27, 2011, 4:56 pm
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Last semester generated some solid memories PALS!  Here are some of the highlights!


WELCOME BACK PALS! by uchastingspals
January 27, 2011, 4:47 pm
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Fantastic first general meeting of the semester, PALS!  The turnout was huge, the food was awesome, and there are a ton of events coming your way.  If you missed this week’s meeting (and the yummy Menudo), don’t be too bummed!  The agenda is below and as you can see, more food is on the way.

The Gist:
1. KAYA event at Mercury Lounge:  Thursday 1/27 6-8pm
2. Perform at Culture Night: First practice on Thursday 1/27 1-3pm
3. PALS food sale:  Monday 1/31 11am till food is gone
4. Korematsu Day:  Monday 1/31 3:30 – 7pm LBM
5. Welcome Back event:  Mercury Lounge Trivia Night – Tuesday, February 1, 8pm
6. Need a PAL?
7. Professional Development Workshop
8. Moot Court Workshop
9. Crush Grams!

The Details:

1. KAYA event at Mercury Lounge:  1582 Folsom St. Thursday 1/27 6-8pm

KAYA is dedicated to increasing the profile of Filipino issues and individuals in American politics.  The elections in November shows the impact that KAYA is having on local and national politics; 11 of 13 of their sponsored candidates were elected by wide margins.  Now is a great time in getting involved by volunteering at their KAYA-SF Bay Area fundraising event for FilAm City Council Candidate for Cerritos:  Mark Pulido.  It will be a great opportunity to network with a wide range of representatives from the legal and political spheres.

RSVP to levinsy@gmail.com <mailto:levinsy@gmail.com>  Checkout KAYA:  http://kayagrassroots.org/ <http://kayagrassroots.org/&gt;

2. Perform at Culture Night: First Practice on Thursday 1/27 1-3pm

Now’s your chance to shine! PALS is going to wow the Hastings community with our mad dancing skills.  Tinikling has it all.  Rhythm, dance, and danger as you can see from the last year’s performance:  http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=852080666411

Contact Jenn Bautista for more information.

3. PALS food sale:  Monday 1/31 11am till food is gone.
Get ready for some grub.  PALS is sponsoring a food day on the Beach on Monday 1/31 from 11-3.  On the menu are two classic Filipino dishes: Chicken adobo and Pancit.  Homemade and delicious.  1 item: $3.  2 items: $5.  All food purchases come with complementary white rice, the perfect compliment to any Filipino dish.  Remember, our food sales are vital for generating the funds that keeps PALS going.  Please volunteer to help with set up, sales, or clean up!

Contact Kelvin Ko if you want to help out.

4. Korematsu Day:  Monday 1/31 3:30 – 7pm LBM to honor Fred Korematsu and his legacy of standing up against injustice and protecting our constitutional rights.

5. Welcome Back event:  Mercury Lounge Trivia Night – Tuesday, February 1, 8pm

Come on.  We’re law students.  Intelligent. Adversarial. Well spoken.  The Court Room and Trivia Night are two of our most natural environments.  Trivia Night is a lot more fun though.  We’re looking to build two teams, one group of 1Ls and another group of 2Ls and 3Ls!

Contact Tyler Cesar for more information.

6. Need a PAL?
New to PALS?  Want a buddy?  It’s never too late.  Contact Jenn Bautista to sign up!

7. Professional Development Workshop
Ruh Roh!  That first summer job is rapidly approaching.  Time to get something sorely lacking in law school: FEEDBACK!  1Ls – if you would like one-on-one help from 2Ls and 3Ls (cover letters, resumes, other advice) re summer jobs in litigation, IP, government, public interest etc., please contact Pam Chung or Joan Rabutaso to sign up. (Please include your name, email, and the type of law that you are interested in.)

8. Moot Court Workshop
1Ls – if you would like to know more about what it’s like being in the Moot Court team or if you just need help practicing your oral arguments, contact Matt Tabo, our resident Moot Court champion.

9.  Crush Grams
Crush Grams include soda, candy, and love.  Every law student needs a constant stream of at least two of those items to keep going.  To assist in our yearly Crush Gram drive, contact our resident mad scientist Mike Tapia, the inventor of the Crush Gram.  Remember, sales go toward our yearly PIL-Grad ceremony.  So please come forward and support our graduating PALS!


Learn Tinikling for Culture Night! by uchastingspals
January 12, 2011, 1:58 pm
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Do you have rhythm in your soul?  Do you enjoy expressing yourself with dance?  Are you energized by jumping out of the way of bamboo poles being slapped together?  Then Tinikling is for you.  Tinikling, for those not in the know, is the National Dance of the Philippines, a traditional folk dance two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance.  It’s like Thriller meets jump roping.

Come join your PALS in putting together a Tinikling performance for Culture Night on February 4th. For those that haven’t been yet, Culture Night is a blast, and Tinikling is always a crowd pleaser.   Contact Mari Bandoma bandomam@uchastings.edu for more details.  No Tinikling experience is required.

PALS General Meeting by uchastingspals
January 12, 2011, 1:46 pm
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PALS, it’s been a while. A set of finals and three federal holidays have passed since we all got together. Time for a get together while the semester is still young!

The first General Meeting of the Spring Semester has arrived. Come grab some delicious free food, catch up on what everyone got for [Insert Cultural Celebration Here if Applicable], learn what upcoming events PALS has planned for this semester, and chat about classes and who can hook you up with free supplements.