UC Hastings Pilipino American Law Society (PALS)

Previous Executive Boards


Rachelle Ann Uy, President
Jency Butler, Internal Vice President
Nalani Crisologo, External Vice President
Jency Butler, Treasurer
Jerel Agatep, Director of Communications
Ashley Rippolone, 1L Rep & Social Chair
Michelle Geronimo, 1L Rep & External Vice President Intern
Ashley Bumatay, Pil-Grad Chair & 3L Advisor
Nelson Lam, Pil-Grad Chair & 3L Advisor
Jorgio Castro, Pil-Grad Chair & 3L Advisor


Nelson Lam, President
Ashley Bumatay, Internal Vice President
Jorgio Castro, External Vice President
Danielle Brennan, Treasurer
Kenny Hsu, Director of Communications
Ria Mae Pascual, 1L Rep & Social Chair
Rachelle Ann Uy, 1L Rep
Jency Butler, 1L Rep
Nalani Crisologo, 1L Rep
Angelo Aratan, 1L Rep

2012 – 2013

Rachel Kinney, President
James Newman, Internal Vice President
Brittney Sturtevant, External Vice President
Ravi Rangi, Social Chair
Unica Llanes, Director of Communications
Melissa Macias, Fundraising Chair
Karl Sung, Professional Development Chair
Carmelita Miller, Pil-Grad Chair & 3L Advisor


Carmelita Miller, President
Timothy Yim, Internal Vice President
Tsui Ng, External Vice President
Karl Sung, Treasurer
Shadda Nasralla, Secretary
Kat Sakado, Director of Communications
Jose Gonzales, Academic Chair
Tyler Cesar, Professional Development Chair
Le Trinh, Social Chair
Erin Dacayanan, Fundraising Chair
Jenn Bautista & Kelvin Ko, Pil-Grad Chair
Mari Bandoma and Matt Tabo, 3L Advisors

2010 – 2011:

Mari Bandoma


Mari Bandoma was born in the Philippines.  She moved to San Leandro, California when she was twelve years old.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnic Studies and Education from UC Berkeley.  Prior to to law school, Mari was an Intellectual Property Litigation Paralegal for three years.  Mari is interested in civil litigation and employment law.  She enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking and trying out new restaurants and exotic cuisine.

Jennifer Bautista

Internal Vice President

Jenn Bautista was born and raised in San Diego, California. She spent her undergraduate years studying Sociology at UCLA and earned a graduate degree in Family and Consumer Sciences from California State University Long Beach with her thesis entitled Generational Differences in Remittance Practices of Filipino Americans.  Jenn is interested in consumer law and alternative dispute resolution.  In her free time you can often find her wandering San Francisco with her DSLR in one hand and a donut in the other.

Matthew Tabo

External Vice President

Matt Tabo hails from Vallejo, California, and is proud of it.  After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2007 with a degree in Legal Studies, he worked for a year as part of an in-house legal team, and for one year with a small immigration law firm, both in downtown San Francisco.  Matt loves constitutional law and criminal law, and hopes to practice at both the trial and appellate level.  Although Tom Cruise’s performance in “A Few Good Men” provided his initial impetus into law back in high school, it’s safe to say that law truly is his passion.  In his free time, you can catch him playing pool, golfing, or watching his beloved 49ers or World Champion SF Giants.

Carol Ho


Carol majored in Business Administration at Seattle University.  She worked as a Human Resources Associate at a market research firm and office assistant at an IP law firm before moving to San Francisco for law school.  During her 1L summer, Carol was a legal extern in the Enforcement Division of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in San Francisco.  Her favorite things in the whole world are her two maltipoos (maltese/poodle dogs), chocolate (in all forms), and eating donuts with PALS.  Carol also serves on the board of Hastings Asian Pacific American Law Students Association and Vietnamese American Law Society.

Kelvin Ko


Kelvin was born in the “City By The Bay” (SF) and was raised in the “City Across The Bay” (Oakland). Upon graduating from high school, Kelvin aspired to be a stay-at-home dad (though he had no children). However, Kelvin’s strict parents convinced him that he had a higher calling, and they successfully “encouraged” him to attend college. To his surprise, Kelvin was accepted into the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned an Economics degree. Kelvin is currently pursuing the Tax Concentration at Hastings, and wishes there was also a Donut Law Concentration. Aside from loving the stress and white hairs that law school has to offer, Kelvin also enjoys driving his red mini-wagon (“Roxy”) at legal speeds, wearing his “Eat, Sleep, and ESPN” t-shirt twice a week, and playing his version of tennis (holding a wii racket in one hand and an apple fritter in the other).

Tyler Cesar

Social Chair

Tyler grew up just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana.  As soon as opportunity arose, he moved to California and attended USC, where he majored in civil engineering.  Between USC and law school, he work for a general contractor in Los Angeles, managing and supervising on large public works construction projects such as a police station in downtown LA and an elementary school in south central LA.  Tyler is interested in litigation, especially matters dealing with construction.  In his abundance of free time, Tyler enjoys playing soccer, running, biking, and pretty much anything else not school related.

Shariff Osman

Director of Communications

Shariff was born in New Jersey and is half Filipino, a quarter Turkish, and a quarter Egyptian. He has yet to meet a fellow Filiturkigyptian.  He grew up on a family farm outside of Placerville and then escaped to UC Berkeley where he majored in Molecular and Cell Biology and minored in English Literature.   He spent the following five years working for NASA and the Department of Energy as a microbiologist before coming to UC Hastings to explore possibilities in IP law.  He has a beautiful wife and an adorable 6 month old daughter who never get to see him, and a dog who sometimes eats his homework.

Pamela Chung

Co-Academic Chair
Pam is from Pinole, California.  During her undergraduate years at UCLA, she double-majored in political science and geography and spent two quarters in Washington, DC.  Before law school, she worked at a personal injury law office, a complex litigation firm, and Google.  Pam is interested in estate planning and public law.  When not studying, Pam enjoys exploring San Francisco, reading travel fiction, and watching zombie movies.

Joan Rabutaso

Co-Academic Chair

Joan grew up in Pinole, California.  She earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from UCLA and spent one quarter in Washington, DC working at the Department of Justice.  Before law school, she worked on the fixed income sales and trading floor of Merrill Lynch.  Joan is interested in public law and corporate work.  She enjoys archery, table tennis, exploring the bay area and watching the food network.

Carmelita Miller

1L Representative

Carmelita grew up in the Philippines and moved to South San Francisco, CA when she was 12 years old.  She spent her undergraduate years studying History and Hellenic Studies at Sacramento State University.  She wants to serve her community one day as an immigration lawyer.  When she is not studying she enjoys hanging out with her black lab Max and cooking traditional Pilipino foods as well as dishes from other cuisines with her boyfriend Adam.

Shadda Nasralla

Shadda is from Irvine and received her undergraduate degree in Legal Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.  She is interested in human rights and animal law.  In her free time she enjoys doing absolutely nothing, writing and spending time with her beloved Anatolian Shepherds.

Karl Sung

1L Representative

Karl was born and raised in Berkeley, California.  He attended Berkeley High School, UC San Diego where he double-majored in Political Science and Computer Arts, and UC Davis for a certificate in Paralegal Studies.  At the moment, Karl is interested in social justice law and government law.  Karl is an automotive enthusiast.  He also enjoys billiards, baseball, table-tennis and tropical fish aquariums.

Frances Borromeo

Pil-Grad Chair and 3L Representative

Frances Borromeo is originally from Cebu, Philippines, but has lived most of her life in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale, California). Frances graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with minors in Legal Studies and Public Service. After graduation, Frances worked as a corporate paralegal at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, P.C. with medical device clients. Frances is interested in corporate and family law but when Frances is not studying, you will find her in Cebu, or with her fiancee in Disneyland.

Heidi Sison

Pil-Grad Chair and 3L Representative

Heidi Sison was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Education.  Prior to law school, Heidi worked in accounting for commercial real estate investment management firms and handled finances for high-profile professionals in the entertainment industry. She is interested in bankruptcy and family law. Heidi is a Lakers enthusiast and enjoys sports, traveling, hiking, fashion, and photography.

Waldo Michael Tapia

Pil-Grad Chair and 3L Representative

East Los Angeles born and raised, in the library is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxing out, relaxing all cool, and going to UC Riverside for undergrad school, when a couple of guys they were up to no good, started recruiting people from my neighborhood, I went to the army and my mom got scared she said “You’re going to San Francisco for law school and fresh air.”

2009-2010 Executive Board

President – Frances Borromeo
External Vice President – Heidi Sison
Internal Vice President – Tiffany Cruz Gonzalez
Treasurer – Michael Tapia
Secretary – James De Los Reyes
Social Chair – Jenna Rae Roca & Chris Miguel
Academic Chair – Veronica Williams

2008-2009 Executive Board

President – Paul Rivera
Internal Vice President – Jan Edquilang
External Vice President – Yasmin Macariola
Secretary – Aimee Abesamis
Academic Chair – Genevieve Espinosa
Treasurer – Mike Nisperos
Historians – Desa Sanders & Seda Norodom
Fundraising Chair – Jenna Rae Roca & Heidi Sison
Social Chair – Chris Miguel
Culture Week Coordinators – Jamie Gorostiza, Tiffany Cruz, & James de Los Reyes
Pil-Grad Coordinators – Frances Borromeo & Heidi Sison
Members – 1Ls: Michael Tapia; LLMs: Rester Nonato, Charina Dominguez; 2Ls: Teresita Sablan, Monnyda Aut, Kirby Canon, Erika Romo, Kathlyn Querubin

2007-2008 Executive Board

President – Desa Sanders
Vice President – Seda Norodom
Members: 3Ls – Desiree Almendral, Tamina Alon, Christine Dacumos, Lisl Duncan, Shayenne Gamboa, Jen Lavarias, Katrina Lleva, Dia Montecillo, Norey Navarro; 2Ls – Mike Nisperos, Keith Teo; 1Ls – Aimee Abesamis, Bao-Tran Dang, Jan Edquilang, Genevieve Espinosa, George Lin, Yasmin MacAriola, Paul Rivera

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